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  • Sour Tsunami


    1 Ounce Sour Tsunami (Hybrid)

    RATING: 8.4

    TYPE: Hybrid

    THC: 8% – 10%

    CBD: 10% – 12%

    GENETICS: NYC Diesel, Sour Diesel

    APPEARANCE: These are pretty typical sativa-style buds, long and narrow. They were almost as solid-feeling as an indica bud when squeezed gently, but a telltale give in the flowers reveals they have an airier, looser internal structure than any indica bud.

    SMELL: Woody, Earthy, Sweet

    BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Cancer, Pain, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Headaches, Stress

    CREATED FEELINGS: Being a high CBD strain, Sour Tsunami was explicitly and specifically bred to be used for medical purposes. Those seeking relief from conditions treatable by CBD (which range from insomnia to cancer) and not to get high will appreciate Sour Tsunami’s utilitarian.

    DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Sour Diesel, Cannatonic, ACDC, Canna-Tsu, Flo, Green Crack

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  • Strawberry Diesel Strain | Buy Marijuana In Florida | Buy Strawberry Diesel


    $300.00 Per Ounce
    Look – This strain looked way more like Sour Diesel than Strawberry Cough. Darker green spear tip shaped buds with peach colored pistils, the trichome coverage gives it a grey looking color under certain lighting. This bud isn’t too compact, not really airy though.

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  • Super Lemon Haze Strain | Buy Pot Online | Buy Real Weed Online


    Look – Nice sized nugs, Lime green covered in crystals and red hairs.

    Smell – Lemon, musky, earthy

    Taste – Green House Super Lemon Haze tastes like lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by a very earthy and musky haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper.

    Effects – A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long. It’s a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.

    Medical Uses – Stress relief, mood enhancer, eases muscle tension

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  • Super Silver Haze Strain | Buy Super Silver Haze | Medical Weed For Sale

    Breeder: Royal Dutch Genetics
    Genetics: Super Silver x Royal Dutch Cheese
    Sativa/Indica: 60% / 40%
    Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
    Harvest month: Sep/Oct
    THC: 18/21% High
    CBD: 0.10/0.66%
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  • Trainwreck Strain | Buy Trainwreck Strain | Buy Train wreck weed Online


    TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

    THC: Between 13% and 21% CBD: Between .03 and .1%

    GENETICS: Mexican (sativa) x Thai (sativa) x Afghani (indica)

    APPEARANCE: The buds are covered in trichomes with fine red pistils.

    SMELL: Spicy with a hint of citrusy pine, a slight floral and fuel scent.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Pain relief and stress.

    CREATED FEELINGS: Trainwreck produces a euphoric and uplifting head high coupled with a quite relaxing body high. This strain provides great pain relief because of its high THC content.

    DURATION: The high lasts around 2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze and White Widow.

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  • Tutankhamun King Tut


    Tutankhamun King Tut (Sativa)

    RATING: 9.8

    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: 22%-33%

    CBD: .1% – .17%

    GENETICS: AK-47 selection

    APPEARANCE:he first thing I noticed was how dusty looking these AK-47 derived buds are. The buds are exceptionally dry. Like two turns in the grinder turns it to dust.

    SMELL: Orange citrus/ super skunk

    BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Pain, Nausea, Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation

    CREATED FEELINGS:The high is decent for sure. But once you get to a certain point in smoking, as I’m sure I’ve said this before, you just sort of stop getting high. You get a nice head change going that brightens your mood and your day, and that’s about it.

    DURATION: Around 1 to 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: AK-47 and OG Kush

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  • UK Cheese Strain | Buy UK Cheese Strain Online | UK Cheese Weed


    Parents: Skunk #1
    Similar to: Chemdag, AK-47, LA Confidential, Jack Herer, Alien OG

    Flavors: Cheese, pungent, earthy
    Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, sleepy
    Medical: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms

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  • West Coast Sour Diesel Strain | Sour Diesel Weed | Sour Diesel For Sale



    RATING: 8.6

    TYPE: Sativa

    THC: up to 19%

    GENETICS: Chemdawg x Northern Lights x Skunk No.1

    APPEARANCE: Buds are light green with an abundance of orange hairs

    SMELL: A great lemon and diesel gas smell.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, Fatigue, Seizures, Anxiety and Pain

    CREATED FEELINGS: Slight creeper that gives a strong head high with slight body high

    DURATION:Strong high that usually lasts 2 to 3 hours

    SIMILAR STRAINS: Larry OG, Chemdawg and Tahoe OG

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  • White OG strain | White OG strain for sale | White OG Weed For Sale


    Here’s what you should know about the genetics and cultivation of White OG.

    This strain is known for its cannabinoids.

    Specifically, it has an average of 50+% THC and 28% CBD, which is the equivalent to over 20% THC and 2% CBD (commonly known as CBD to THC ratio). This strain also has a strong relaxing effect.

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  • White Widow Strain | Buy White Widow Weed Online | White Widow Seeds


    Ounce White Widow (Hybrid)

    RATING: 8

    TYPE: Hybrid 60% Sativa and 40% Indica

    THC: Around 19%

    APPEARANCE: White Widow is visually magnificent. Its buds are perfectly dense and so trichome covered they look as if they are coated in sugar.

    SMELL: Very pungent fresh smell that has a piney, lemony and earthy scent.

    BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Insomnia, Depression and Migraines

    CREATED FEELINGS: Very uppity energetic high that is great for daytime smoking, minimal body effects

    DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts 2 hours

    SIMILAR STRAIN: Super Silver Haze

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