White Widow Strain | Buy White Widow Weed Online | White Widow Seeds

White Widow Strain

White Widow Strain | Buy White Widow Weed Online | White Widow Seeds


Ounce White Widow (Hybrid)


TYPE: Hybrid 60% Sativa and 40% Indica

THC: Around 19%

APPEARANCE: White Widow is visually magnificent. Its buds are perfectly dense and so trichome covered they look as if they are coated in sugar.

SMELL: Very pungent fresh smell that has a piney, lemony and earthy scent.

BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Insomnia, Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS: Very uppity energetic high that is great for daytime smoking, minimal body effects

DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAIN: Super Silver Haze



Where to buy weed online: Where to buy white widow strain online

White Widow is a hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its potency and great yield. It’s one of the most potent strains available in the world today. The offspring of a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian indica, White Widow is a cannabis strain that has the qualities of both parents in it.

What is White Widow?

White Widow is also called California Hybrid Sativa. The name comes from the bud that has a white flower. The name sounds like a strange and catchy name for cannabis, but it refers to its dangerous effects.

White Widow comes with a high THC potency level. It also has other qualities like high cannabidiol levels, high terpene levels, and moderate CBD levels, making it one of the world’s strongest cannabis strains.

You may get high due to the strain’s aggressive high, which occurs soon after smoking the plant. You might feel this effect even if you smoke the whole plant at once. The best way to enjoy this is to smoke the weed one to three times a day, for a period of around 30 minutes.

White Widow is also known as the Harlequin flower due to its shape.

Where to buy the best weed

The best places to buy weed in the UK

If you’re not located in the UK and are looking for a place to purchase weed online, these are the most reliable outlets that sell the best quality weed.

Mega green home is a site where vendors can make a listing to sell their cannabis products. This means that you can order weed products like concentrates, oils, edibles, flowers, vape juice, and many other items. You can also order vape cartridges.

Buy the white widow strain online: Where to buy weed online

The global online shopping market is booming. Online cannabis sales have boomed over the past years. On top of this, the legal cannabis market is booming. These factors contribute to the popularity of online stores for purchasing weed products.

Where to buy white widow online

You can purchase seeds of white widow weed and make your own weed clone.

Alternatively, you can also purchase quality buds of white widow from us.

Ace seeds sells a variety of high quality marijuana seeds online and makes sure that every marijuana seed is delivered with highest quality for the buyers.

They sell quality seeds of White Widow, Blue Widow and all the other popular strains of weed. They also deliver super dry buds in the best possible condition for the buyers.

Buy white widow seed online at our online dispensary and make your own White Widow clone.

Where to get the best cannabis seeds

If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy cannabis seeds from reputable vendors such as us. Other popular sellers of marijuana seeds include their brother company High Times. You can also visit Green Life Seeds, which is an online grow-shop based out of the United States that offers a wide selection of cannabis seeds.

However, if you’re looking to buy expensive weed seeds, the company White Widow Seeds is your best bet. As the name suggests, we sell white widow seeds, with prices ranging from $25 to $70.

Where to smoke the White Widow

So, where can you smoke the White Widow? You can smoke the marijuana flower, but it also grows extremely well in other parts of the plant, including leaves, buds, and the immature buds.

Where can I find weed for sale

Most online cannabis stores sell white widow strains. Our online dispensary, one of the most popular cannabis marketplaces has an assortment of various weed strains available in the world. The first few strains that one sees in the store are indicas like OG Kush and Blue Dream. There is another variety “White Widow”, that you might like. It is a hybrid cannabis strain that is high in CBD and THC content. The strain is available in the THC:CBD ratio.

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What you need to know before purchasing

It is important that you purchase white widow weed from a reputable source. Look for a weed seller who has at least five reviews.

Medicinal Benefits of White Widow

White Widow has a psychoactive effect that is not unlike the marijuana plant. On the other hand, though, White Widow cannabis contains much more THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive component that imparts the effect of marijuana on the user.

Additionally, White Widow cannabis has natural cannabidiol (CBD) as well. This cannabinoid is believed to help keep the effects of THC in check, which helps avoid any of the symptoms associated with this strain. However, White Widow contains much more THC than CBD. This can lead to paranoia and anxiety, if you’re not careful.

Available Forms of White Widow

White Widow is available in a variety of forms and strengths. It’s easy to buy the White Widow cannabis from your favorite online shop.

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